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Senior Director, Broadcast Music, Inc.

Cheryl Williams is the Senior Director of Licensing Administration at Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI), the largest music rights organization in the country. She is a native Nashville and a 25-year BMI veteran. She received her undergraduate degree in Recording Industry Management from Middle Tennessee State University and earned her MBA from Bethel University. 
Cheryl’s parents divorced at an early age, so she knows the impact of growing up in a home without a father. She gives all glory to God for giving her the strength to successfully overcome many obstacles in her life. She very much respects the many sacrifices her Mother and Grandparents made during her early years. Cheryl is also grateful for other family members and various individuals she met along her journey who invested time, energy and resources into helping her become the strong African-American woman she is today. 
Cheryl is married to a wonderful, supportive and loving husband. She is committed to not only helping her own children and grandchildren become solid and productive citizens of this world, but also strives to do whatever she can to help others find their place in this world as well.

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